Rea Farm, Ireland

Rea Farm in Skibbereen, Ireland, was purchased by Gearoid Murphy’s grandfather in the early 1940s. Today Gearoid works the farm alongside his father Gerard. Until a few
years ago they had 90 cows, and recently expanded to 160. All milking cows are on kept on the home farm, whilst dry stock is on a rental farm about three miles

“With the Heatime monitoring we’re getting more cows in calf. That saves the costs of buying-in cows and enables us to grow our herd through internal natural growth to where we want it to be.”

Gearoid Murphy, Co-owner


With the goal of naturally expanding his herd in mind, Gearoid realised manual detection wasn’t an accurate enough method, especially after noticing how any cows would go into heat at night, when unobserved.


Allflex Heatime® HR System with
rumination, heat
detection and cow identification


“We don’t have to devote massive amounts of time to heat detection. The system catches the cows that go to dairy [go into heat] in the night. It takes out the guesswork.”

  • Company:Rea Farm
  • Location:Skibbereen, County Cork, Ireland
  • Herd Size:160 milking cows


The system’s combination of activity and rumination monitoring was crucial. “You need the rumination working in-hand with the activity to accurately see what’s going on,” says Gearoid “By seeing the rumination and activity together you can be absolutely certain that the cow’s in heat.”

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