ID Tag Readers

Electronic identification (EID) tag readers are a vital part of the electronic identification system. Allflex Livestock Intelligence offers a wide range of ID tag readers, including static or panel readers for varied applications, simple mobile readers, and sophisticated mobile data collection devices that have extended connectivity.

Our portable ID tag readers, specifically developed for the stringent demands of the livestock industry, are robust, reliable and easy to use. The simple portable readers enable maximum flexibility for on-farm tag reading and are easy to hold and operate, for efficient and accurate scanning of any Allflex electronic ID tags.

Our static panel ID tag readers enable efficient and easy tag reading in the locations that animals frequently or regularly visit, such as at feeding, milking, weighing and sorting stations on farms and at markets and abattoirs. Our comprehensive portfolio of static readers covers varied applications, including OEM products and complete applications for the food industry.

All Allflex ID tag readers are made for 24/7 operation in the challenging environments commonly found in the livestock industry.

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