Tissue Sampling for Livestock

Taking biopsy samples in the easiest and most secure way

Tissue Sampling

Allflex Tissue Sampling Tags (TST) and Tissue Sampling Units (TSU) take a small biopsy of the ear as part of a routine management task. Lab analysis of the sample can indicate the specific disease status of the cow (BVDV status). Samples can also be used for genomic prediction, allowing the farmer to make intelligent management decisions. Many governments around the world are making the eradication of diseases (such as BVDV) a priority and are testing their national herd using Allflex tissue sampling products to help control this disease.

The TST is a system whereby a biopsy is taken as the identification tag is applied during the routine identification process. The TSU system gathers the biopsy separately and is widely used for genomic testing.  In both cases, they are individually numbered using a 2D barcode that allows the tissue sample to be linked seamlessly to other identifiers, such as visual identification numbers and/or RFID numbers. Additionally, they are uniquely designed to facilitate automated processing within the laboratories, adding speed, reducing costs and improving accuracy.

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