Sheep and Goat Identification Tags

Our visual and electronic ID solutions have identified sheep and goats worldwide for decades.

Sheep & Goat ID tags

For decades, has been a world-leading provider of visual and electronic identification solutions for sheep and goats. Developed in close cooperation with the relevant authorities or breeding associations and farmers to support local identification and traceability requirements, our sheep and goat ID tags are adapted to the typical farm environments of these animals. They are made of high-quality materials and are uniquely designed for maximum animal safety and comfort, long-lasting durability and retention, and easy application and readability.

The wide portfolio of Allflex sheep and goat tags ranges from lightweight and flexible identification tags for the smallest goat breeds and lambs, through tissue sampling solutions for genomic selection and traceability, to electronic ID solutions for sheep and goats of all ages. Our visual ID tags for sheep and goats are available in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes for male and female animals. Our tamper-resistant electronic ID tags provide improved options for identification and management.

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