Official Livestock ID Tags

Allflex official identification tags enable farmers to easily and fully comply with local requirements.

Official ID Tags

In almost every country worldwide, farmers and other animal owners must comply with strict animal identification and traceability requirements. Regulations at the national level, and sometimes at the regional or state level, require agricultural, zoo and domestic animals to be tagged and tracked. Typically, the identification tags themselves must meet specific requirements in terms of materials, colors and format of the official identification codes, applicable to both visual and electronic ID tags. Animal owners are required to record the identification codes for official paperwork and registration databases, and to continually update them with specific information throughout each animal’s lifetime.

Allflex official identification tags enable farmers to easily and fully comply with legal requirements. Our official identification tags, whether they are visual ID tags, electronic ID (EID) tags, or Tissue Sampling Tags, are developed in close collaboration with the different authorities that have jurisdiction over individual animal identification and traceability, to ensure the transparency and full traceability needed for human health and food security. Each tag carries the assigned alphanumeric code as required by the relevant authority and any other required elements, such as barcodes and emblems. The required elements may be displayed visually and/or readable by electronic means, depending on the tag type. Our tags are easy to apply, robust and tamper-resistant.

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