Keeping the Farmer at the Center of Everything We Do, Always

How we ensure that farming remains a fulfilling, prosperous way of life.

We are committed to putting the farmer first as we help lead animal agriculture into a new, digital, data-driven era.

The world is changing faster than ever. With an estimated average population increase of 81 million people per year, there are more hungry people on the planet each day in need of safe, nutritious and affordable food. As demand for food increases, agriculture in general—and animal agriculture specifically—is facing more intense scrutiny.

Without question, a constant flurry of macro forces—everything from artificial intelligence to genomic breakthroughs—will significantly impact every area of our lives, including the way farmers farm.

As we enter a new decade, it’s tempting to focus exclusively on the magnitude of these present and coming changes, to put so much emphasis on big-picture challenges and opportunities that the actual impact on farmers’ lives around the world gets overlooked.

However, we are committed to putting the farmer first as we help lead animal agriculture into a new, digital, data-driven era, and will promise to maintain a clear focus on how everything we do affects individual farmers around the world, as well as the families that derive their livelihood from agriculture.

Helping Farmers See and React

Knowledge is power—and Allflex Livestock Intelligence technology is committed to empowering farmers in ways that will allow them to see more clearly and react faster than ever to the individual needs of specific animals and the overall challenges of their herds.

2020 marks 65 years of leadership by our company in the field of animal identification, with more than half a billion animals identified each year using our intelligent visual and electronic solutions.

But our solutions do more than just identify.

They generate the data needed to sustainably manage either the life of a single animal or a whole herd with country-wide traceability. They help farmers collect actionable data, the sort of insights that can inform you when a cow is getting sick or if a feed ingredient is depressing rumination. Giving you that ability to see and react is just one of the ways we put the farmer first in everything we do.

Helping Farmers Care and Sustain

Of course, our identification, monitoring and traceability solutions do more than just help you see and react. They also help you take animal care to the next level by increasing transparency in sustainable ways. Our ultra-secure animal intelligence data not only benefits you at the farm gate, but all the way up the value chain.

Animal care is a significant topic around the world—topping the list in many countries as the number one issue consumers care about—and it’s only going to increase in importance in the eyes of consumers in the years ahead. Farmers are being asked to provide tangible proof that animal care is a priority on their farms. The data gathered using our innovative tools can be used like a welfare scorecard at every step of the value chain, providing the transparency farmers like you need to be able to say with confidence, ‘The wellness status in my herd is very high and I can prove it.’

Our goal will always be to help farmers deliver animal care more purposefully and produce more sustainably.

Helping Farmers Profit and Prosper

It’s a simple formula: When farmers succeed, we succeed. To that end, we are making every effort to ensure that farming remains a fulfilling, prosperous way of life for farmers and their families who rely on agriculture for their livelihood.

Used by millions of animals worldwide, our technologically advanced products and solutions provide the most accurate, actionable information for automating decision-making and improving farmer productivity and profitability. By gaining efficiency and driving growth, they help ensure a secure, prosperous future for agriculture.

As we move our own efforts forward, our greatest teachers will be farmers like you and everyone else who uses our technology. Your feedback and insights will continue to drive us forward to continue innovating in ways that put farmers first and ensure a prosperous future.

By being rooted in our customer interactions at the same time we’re remaining responsive to global trends, Allflex Livestock Intelligence is ensuring that farming remains a fulfilling, prosperous way of life that addresses real needs and benefits farmers, animals and society.

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