Professional Tools

Empowering farm support professionals with secured online tools that monitor all their customers’ farms

Our professional tools turn animal identification, monitoring and tissue sampling data into actionable information, presented in intuitive dashboards designed for specific applications. The data comes from Allflex systems belonging to farmers who have agreed to share the information with the specific stakeholder company. With relevant and precise information on their customers’ livestock available via secured online tools, farm support professionals can monitor all their customers’ farms from their own location, set and apply benchmarks, and spot trends on individual farms and across multiple farms. This empowers them to provide more proactive guidance on nutrition, health management, genetic strategies, and more, while reducing on-farm time. Instead of set rotations for farm visits, support professionals can prioritize visits according to actual needs.

Using the insights gained via our advanced data-based tools, varied professionals within a farm service company can share information and collaborate, creating a competitive differentiation for the company and driving improved outcomes for their customers. Additionally, companies can use the tools to evaluate the effectiveness of their recommendations and solutions and identify management issues, enabling informed adjustments for optimal results. The tools also support consultants in validating ROI to their customers. With the ability to serve their customers better and more efficiently, while improving collaboration and performance within their own teams, consultants can save time and costs, while increasing their revenues.

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