Syringes 2EM-BT/5EM-BT

LD.3EM, 2EM & 5EM Bottle Fed Syringes

  • Automatically self-filling with bottle attachment
  • Heavy-Duty Bottle Cage for bottle protection (50ml & 100ml bottles only)
  • Accurately delivers selected dose
  • Easy V-grip for high volume use
  • Metal Luer Lock tip
  • Removable barrel for cleaning
  • Durable plastic design
  • Amber-colored barrel reduces UV sunlight exposure
  • SKU: LD.3EM-BT (Adjustment dosage from .1ML to .3ML)
  • SKU: 2EM-BT (Adjustable dosage from .25ml to 2ml)
  • SKU: 5EM-BT (Adjustable dosage from .5ml to 5ml)
  • Plastic Atomizer Nozzle SKU: 8300042687

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