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News and Events

Merck Animal Health Announces New User-Friendly Allflex® CleanVax™️ Nozzles and Shields for Intranasal Vaccination

Allflex® CleanVax™️ nozzles and shields for clean, fast, and convenient administration of intranasal vaccines to cattle are now available for order. 

The CleanVax intranasal vaccination system includes shorter nozzles that are less invasive than conventional cannulas, as well as clear plastic disposable shields that can be replaced between animals or groups of animals for more hygienic administration.

Following are the advantages of the CleanVax intranasal vaccination system:

  • Calf-friendly, shorter nozzles minimize discomfort
  • Atomizer tips ensure even distribution across mucosal surfaces and reduce product drip
  • Easy-to-use nozzles attach to any brand of syringe or Luer lock applicator gun
  • Hygienic shields add a layer of protection and enhance biosecurity

The CleanVaxä nozzles are available for sale in packs of 10 and the CleanVaxä shields are available for sale in packs of 25. 

“CleanVax™ nozzles and shields optimize every aspect of the intranasal vaccination process for confidence in a clean, consistent dose every time,” said Jonathon Townsend, D.V.M., Ph.D. dairy technical services for Merck Animal Health. “The system is simple to use and enhances calf comfort, hygiene and consistency, making it easier on both the calf and caregiver.”



Merck Animal Health Introduces the Allflex® A-Tag™️ Feedlot V2 Tag and Applicator

The updated tag design with a self-piercing tip allows for easier application, faster loading, and improved retention, providing feedyard and stocker cattle operators with a new option for visual identification. The tag is accompanied by a new applicator that speeds loading and requires less force to tag cattle during arrival processing, which helps save time at arrival processing while reducing stress on cattle and crews.

“The cattle industry is evolving, and we’re right in step with our customers in helping them be more efficient and profitable in their operations,” said Bill McCoy, ALLFLEX beef business development manager for Merck Animal Health. “Customizing text, colors and logos on visual ear tags like the new A-Tag provides feedlot managers at-a-glance identification for pen units or lot loads, helping ensure that cattle are identified and grouped appropriately.”

The A-Tag is just one in a series of innovations offered by Merck Animal Health for finishing cattle, from digital identification and readers, to monitoring cattle health Additional product introductions under the ALLFLEX brand include CleanVax nozzles and shields for clean, fast and convenient administration of intranasal vaccines to cattle

Allflex Launches New AWR300 Electronic Tag Reader

The AWR300 is the next generation EID Stick Reader and includes significant new features and capabilities. Key features include 8GB memory, large backlit display, and ingress protection of IP67. It was displayed at National Cattlemen’s Convention and the World Ag Expo. Follow the link to learn more about the product and download detail sheet. 

Learn more about the Allflex AWR300

Contact your Allflex Livestock Intelligence regional manager or customer service representative for more information. 

Allflex will be exhibitors at these upcoming events:

Stockmanship and Stewardship
May 10-12 Farmington, NM

World Pork Expo
June 7-9 Des Moines, IA

Stockmanship and Stewardship
June 13-15 Norfolk, NE

Holstein National Convention
June 23-27 Lexington, KY

Beef Improvement Federation
July 3-7 Calgary, Alberta, Canada