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Tissue Sampling Technology

Collecting tissue samples has never been more efficient and cost effective.

Allflex Livestock Intelligence tissue sampling solutions include varied animal-friendly tags and units for easy, cost-effective taking of biopsies from animals’ ears of cattle, sheep, swine and other species. Information from the biopsies can reveal individual animals’ health status and provide predictive genomic insight that empowers intelligent decision-making and can also support national disease eradication programs.

Why Allflex TSUs?

Clean, easy, high-quality samples

Parentage Verification

Collecting tissue samples has never been more efficient and cost effective. Allflex TSUs provide fast, high performance sample collection. Samples can be collected in seconds with minimal animal restraint. A single-squeeze motion collects a sample with distress to the animal.

The genetic material is sealed in a specially designed preservative so samples can be stored safely for several days before being shipped to the lab for testing.

Allflex Tissue Sampling Units remove the unnecessary frustration of dealing with blood cards or easily contaminated hair samples.


Scientific advancements in the mapping of livestock genetics along with continued development of affordable analytics has changed the sampling industry — making it easier and quicker for producers to use DNA for parentage verification, genetic selection and BVD diagnostics.

Instant confirmation of on-farm sampling success. No more guessing whether enough genetic material has been gathered.

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