Faster, Cleaner, Easier DNA Collection.

Allflex Tissue Sampling Units (TSU) eliminate the hassle of taking blood
or hair samples of livestock. TSUs quickly capture clean, high-quality DNA with
one squeeze of an applicator.

Now You’re Ready for Genomics in Breeding and Marketing.

How It Works

(It’s as simple as applying a tag)

More Informed Breeding, Management and Marketing

After the tissue samples have been collected and analyzed by a lab, you can:

• Retain Better Heifers • Confirm Pedigrees • Verify Sires
• Market Into Value-Added Programs • Authenticate Ownership

For extra convenience, order your TSUs as a Matched Set

When you order your TSUs as a matched set, each animal’s visual tag, electronic tag, and TSU
will be tied to one common identification number for simplified record keeping.


Allflex visual tags, EIDs, and TSUs help you identify and manage livestock but ordering them separately creates three sets of records to manage.


Ordering them together as a Matched Set ties three tools to one convenient number for easy recordkeeping

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