Custom ID

Allflex Custom ID is the Producer’s Choice

We offer permanent, customizable markings on premium quality tags with laser and laser-ink marking. Thousands of customization options gives you the flexibility to create custom identification for your operation. Order yours today. 

Please note: Tag layouts and color options in the catalogs below may not be available for ordering today. Please contact customer service to see if the layout is available. If a layout is not available we will work to find the closest match available.

Custom ID Layouts982 Custom Matched Pair Sets continued
Super Maxi Female982 FDX EID
Maxi Female982 FDX Lightweight EID
Large Female982 FDX All In One
Medium Female982 FDX Super Maxi
Ext. Small Male982 FDX Tamper Maxi
Small Male982 FDX ATag Cow
Medium Male982 FDX Hog Male
Large Male
Small Female982 FDX Integra Hog Male
Piglet982 FDX Sheep JM
Piglet Plus982 FDX Sheep GMM
Sheep Mini982 FDX Sheep GTLF
Hog Male982 FDX Swine
Integra Hog Male982 FDX Tamper Large
ATag CowUSDA 840 Custom Approved Tags
ATag CalfUSDA 840 Approved EID Only
FeedlotUSDA 840 Visual 
Maxi Advantage Feedlot 
Advantage FeedlotUSDA 840 Custom Matched Pair Sets
ATag FeedlotUSDA 840 HDX All In One
USDA 840 HDX Super Maxi
USDA 840 HDX Tamper Maxi
USDA 840 HDX Tamper Large
AccessoriesUSDA 840 HDX ATag Cow
ApplicatorUSDA 840 FDX All In One
USDA 840 FDX Super Maxi
 USDA 840 FDX Tamper Maxi
 USDA 840 FDX Tamper Large
982 Custom Matched Pair SetsUSDA 840 FDX Medium Male
982 HDX EIDUSDA 840 FDX Integra Hog Male
982 HDX Reusable Swine EID
982 HDX All In One 
982 HDX Super MaxiTissue Sampling Technology
982 HDX Tamper MaxiTissue Sampling Technology
982 HDX Tamper LargeTissue Sampling Technology with Visual ID
982 HDX ATag CowTissue Sampling Technology with Electronic ID
982 HDX Large Male