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Beef Monitoring

SenseHub Beef empowers seedstock and cow-calf operators

Allflex SenseHub Beef monitoring helps producers increase reproduction rates and stay on top of herd health. By taking advantage of unmatched estrus detection, producers can increase conception rates, monitor reproductive status, and identify replacement heifers that cycle reliably. The rest of the year, actionable insight supports timely management of common challenges to herd health. On seedstock and cow-calf operations, producers can use monitoring to grow revenue, reduce labor, costs and risks, and have more time for business or personal pursuits.

What do we monitor?





Monitoring Reproduction

Leveraging proprietary behavior monitoring, our applications provide unmatched heat-detection accuracy, identify stages of estrus, and recommend a breeding window. This enables producers to improve the success of artificial insemination, embryo transfer and genetic improvement programs.

Monitoring may also reduce dependency on herd-wide use of estrus synchronization. Instead, hormone programs can be targeted where needed while fertile cows can be bred based on natural heats.

Finally, in cases where bred cows or heifers cycle back into heat, animals can be re-bred immediately or monitored for infertility issues.

Reproduction rates are critical to revenue in seedstock and cow-calf operations. By improving estrus detection, timely AI service can improve conception rates and pregnancies. This enables capable operators to raise more AI calves for bull sales or targeted genetic progress in their replacement heifers.

Health Monitoring

Changes in individual rumination patterns are a quick indicator of adversity in the life of a cow. Alerts may be triggered by problems in calving, health, or stress. By rapidly alerting upon early onset of potential health issues, producers can treat quickly, see how animals respond and potentially minimize worsening or transmission of some illnesses. These timely health alerts provide insight about cow status, help pinpoint sick animals and enable lower-cost treatments.

In herd view, SenseHub Beef rumination data can show herd-wide patterns that help identify and solve problems with predation, weather, or ration changes.

Across the production cycle, monitoring opens the herd to continuous observation – from post-calving turn out through weaning, and then into winter and pre-breeding season – delivering peace of mind when all is well and issuing alerts when problems arise.

Feed Monitoring

Typically, cattle that are eating normally are in a healthy, low-stress status. At other times, changes in quality or abundance of feed, grazing or nutrition may result in distress, poor gains, sickness, or death. By tracking individual and group feeding behavior, monitoring delivers actionable insight for timely decisions on grazing distribution, feed efficiency, rations, and feed delivery.

Beef operations can monitor their nutrition program by quickly seeing if penned cattle react poorly to ration changes, new feed sources, or feed-quality issue. For grazing cattle, feeding behavior changes may signal adverse reactions from toxic plants, bad weather or declining forage.

Visualization of trends in group reporting applications help producers look at activity spanning several months. This additional perspective – especially when combined with feed/gain data and other performance variation – can inform decisions about feed cost efficiency.

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