SenseHub™ Beef

SenseHub™ Beef monitors individual animals using Allflex eSense ear tags proven on thousands of farms worldwide. These tags collect and transmit animal data to your operation’s communication network. Backed by decades of experience in tag development, manufacturing, advanced algorithms, Allflex Livestock Intelligence delivers reliable performance and powerful insights into the status of your herd.

  • Advance your reproduction strategies with accurate heat detection
    • Unmatched heat detection accuracy that enables timely breeding, to optimize conception rates
    • Detect cows or heifers that cycle back into heat
  • Optimize health and overall cow wellbeing
    • Early detection of health issues, enabling preemptive action
  • Improve nutrition management
    • Group consistency – get insight into how feeding changes are affecting your cows
  • Improve your quality of life with remote management and peace of mind!

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