2EM / 5EM Bottle Fed Syringes

2EM & 5EM Bottle Fed Syringe with Universal Bottle Adapter

  • Automatic self-filling with universal bottle adapters
  • Five Color coded “Universal Bottle Adapters” included
  • Universal Bottle Adapters enable multi-size bottles to fit on the syringe
  • Metal Luer Lock tip
  • Removable barrel for cleaning
  • Durable plastic design
  • Amber-colored barrel and tubing reduce UV sunlight exposure
  • Accurately delivers selected dose
  • Easy V-grip for high volume use
  • SKU: 2EM-BT-UBA-GRAY (Adjustable dosage from .25ML to 2ML)
  • SKU: 5EM-BT-UBA-GRAY (Adjustable dosage from .5ML to 5ML)

Universal Bottle Adapters

 250ml / 30mm
Black: Specialized 250/500ml / 34mm
Green: 250ml / 500ml / 33mm
White: 50ml / 100ml / 20mm
Red: 250ml / 30.5mm