10VM & 20VM Drencher

10vm & 20vm Drenchers

  • Automatic self-filling tube feed
  • Designed to be used as an injector or drencher
  • Accurately delivers selected dose
  • Easy V-grip for high volume use
  • Easy to adjust handle tension for improved performance
  • Durable metal and plastic design
  • Double O-ring piston
  • Easy-to-clean external valves and removable piston shaft
  • Amber-colored barrel and tubing reduce UV sunlight exposure
  • 10VM Drencher (Adjustable dosage from .5ml to 10ml)

SKU: 10VM-D 10VM Drencher (Adjustable dosage from .5ml to 10ml)
SKU: 20VM-D 20VM Drencher (Adjustable dosage from 1ml to 20ml)