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Argyle Dairy, Southbrook, QLD Australia

Argyle Dairy in Southbrook, Queensland, Australia was founded by Peter Garratt’s great grandparents in 1926. The farm has been managed by Peter since around 2000, with the help of his parents.

“With Heatime, we now have real-time information, and reproductive performance has improved immensely – which is what I expected.”

Peter Garratt, Co-owner & Manager


“I knew that our reproductive performance was not as good as it could be. The target is to keep a flat line in our milk production. But we’ve always struggled to have a fresh enough herd.”


Allflex Heatime® HR System with HR LD tags for real-time heat detection, health monitoring and identification.


Twice daily, at the start of each milking session, Peter checks the Heatime terminal and assesses the Heat Report and Health Report. From there, he makes decisions about joining.