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Company Overview

Allflex began with a simple idea

With the ability to identify each animal, you will be able to generate the data needed to substantially manage the life of an individual, a whole herd and finally provide traceability for a country.


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Allflex Worldwide

Allflex Livestock Intelligence, part of MSD Animal Health Intelligence, is the world leader in the design, development, manufacturing and delivery of solutions for animal identification, monitoring, farm management, and traceability. Our data-driven solutions are used by farmers, companies and countries to manage hundreds of millions of animals worldwide. By putting intelligent, actionable management information into farmers’ hands, our solutions empower them to act in a timely manner to trace animals and safeguard their health and wellbeing, while achieving optimal production outcomes for a healthy, sustainable food supply.

Allflex India

Allflex India offers rich legacy of animal identification covering all animals. With gradual increase in herd size and interest towards precision livestock monitoring, Allflex plays an important role in smart management with advanced dairy monitoring for Indian dairy farmer to boost their productivity.

Allflex forayed into Indian market in 2008 to revolutionize identification & monitoring of animals. In 2019, Allflex India inaugurated its new manufacturing plant in Manesar, Gurugram, Haryana enhancing our commitment to Indian dairy sector.