Gallagher Farm, Clunes, NSW Australia

Ultimate Cow Health

“The system gives you accurate information on when you should join them.”

 Warren Gallagher, Co-Owner


The cost in heat scratches is $1,000 per year for Warren and his straws are $22 each, so having heat accuracy removes the wastage.


Allflex SenseHub™ with monitoring collars.


“It has saved us heaps of time. Last week we went through the fresh cows and there were 140. The system told me there were 45 that hadn’t had a heat, so I was able to separate them and the vet only needed to check 45 instead of 140.”

At a Glance

  • Company: Gallagher Farm
  • Location: Clunes, New South Wales, Australia
  • Herd Size: 240 cows


“I’d been a little disappointed in my in- calf rate,” says Warren. “I’m good at seeing the heats, but SenseTime gives you accurate information on when you should join them.” The goals were to improve the timing of AI (artificial insemination) and Warren has already noticed how some cows have a longer heat than others. “If I saw them jumping in the afternoon, I would have joined them the following morning. The SenseTime graph tells me some cows shouldn’t be joined until the following afternoon due to a longer pre-heat timeframe. Before the collars, I wouldn’t have been able to tell.”

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