WP Callander and Co’s Crofthead Farm, Scotland

WP Callander and Co consists of two dairy herds totaling 1500 cows. At the business’ main Crofthead Farm near Crocketford, Dairy Manager Philippa MacTaggart is responsible for the day-to-day management of 1100 milking cows plus the herd’s followers and youngstock.

„Using the Allflex SenseHub system has enabled us to make significant improvements to heifer fertility, ensuring a consistent and reliable supply of replacements for the herd’s lower yielders and older animals“.

 Philippa MacTaggart, Dairy Manager


Increase insemination rate, improve heat detection accuracy, reduce costs and labor involved in artificial insemination (AI) and
decrease the calving age


Allflex SenseHub™ system with eSense™ Flex ear tags


Insemination rate jumped from 30%, to an average of 40% and a peak of 60%. 97.6% heat detection rate achieved, at a savings of £9-£15 per animal. Average of 1.7 straws vs. 2+needed per heifer pregnancy and heifer age at calving down from 28 months to 26

At a Glance

  • Company:WP Callander and Co’s Crofthead Farm
  • Location:Lincolnshire, Crocketford, Scotland
  • Herd Size:1100 milking cows plus followers and young stock


Sexed semen is now used for the first two inseminations in heifers, with any subsequent services reverting to beef semen: “My primary focus is to ensure we’re getting five or six heifers pregnant with female calves each week. Compared to life without SenseHub, we’re moving heifers in and out of the dome shed far more quickly than I imagined,” Philippa says.

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