Beef Monitoring

New and innovative management approach to the beef cow-calf operations

Providing unmatched heat (estrus) detection and precision insemination timing guidance in real time, our Beef Monitoring solutions can help farmers improve reproduction rates, reduce cost and risk and improve herd genetics, while improving cow wellbeing. Health monitoring provides actionable insight for proactive, individualized health management. On seed stock farms, our solutions can help provide valuable fertility insights. Real-time monitoring, with remote management and alerts, improves farmers’ quality of life by providing peace of mind and freeing them to perform other activities.

What do we monitor?

Health Monitoring

Reproduction Monitoring

Group Monitoring

Health Monitoring

Allflex Livestock Intelligence health monitoring applications empower beef farmers to detect health issues in individual cows early on, even before clinical signs appear, and to quickly evaluate response to veterinary treatments. By providing actionable insight for proactive, individualized health management, our applications enable informed and timely decision-making regarding intervention and treatment. This can help avoid deterioration, reducing treatment costs and reduce medical and mortality costs, and improving overall wellbeing of individual cows.

Rumination monitoring provides fast indication, often within hours, of changes in a cow’s condition, enabling data-driven protocols for continuation of treatment. Farmers can monitor the herd’s reaction to stressful situations, such as vaccinations, with herd-wide rumination analysis.

Distress alerts, activated by difficult calving, heat stress, or other distress, may indicate a severe or urgent problem, enabling fast and targeted action when help is needed. Ongoing health monitoring provides key health and stress insights during post- calving recovery and immediately post-weaning, enabling timely response during these critical times when farm staff might have less contact with cows.

Reproduction Monitoring (Breeding)

Allflex Livestock Intelligence reproduction monitoring applications enable beef cow-calf operations to shorten the calving interval and optimize conception rates, providing additional calves for sale each year, while reducing costs and risk, and improving herd genetics and cow wellbeing. Leveraging advanced behavior monitoring based on proprietary key cow behaviors, our applications provide unmatched heat detection accuracy and actionable insight in real time. They identify the precise stage of heat and provide precise guidance for optimal insemination timing.

Our reproduction monitoring applications are ideal for AI and natural breeding farms (cow-calf operations) and for penned and grazing cows. Effective at accurately identifying natural heats, including silent heats, our applications reduce usage of bulls on farms, reduce hormone-based synchronization, and eliminate the need for visual observation and, thus saving costs and avoiding interference with cows’ natural cycles. Early detection of anestrous cows enables timely treatment to bring them back to cycling, and that, together with Improved detection of aborted pregnancies, helps farmers reduce the empty/open cow rate and reduce culling.

Feeding Monitoring

Allflex Livestock Intelligence feeding monitoring applications provide beef cattle farmers with timely and actionable insight that enables optimized decision-making on rations, feeding protocols, and other nutrition issues. Varied reports at the group level reveal trends within groups, enabling farmers to make timely decisions for improved wellbeing of cows and calves and optimized growth of calves.

Farmers can improve their nutrition strategy by quickly understanding how their cows and calves react to ration changes, including subtle adjustments such as new batches, new suppliers, a toxin or feed issue, formula mixing, and ratio modifications. The effects of ration adjustments can be detected in as little as a few hours, enabling informed nutrition decisions that optimize animal health and growth. Visualization of long-term trends spanning several months provides nutritionists with an additional perspective for evaluating rations and changes.

With the advanced nutrition and wellbeing insight provided by our feeding monitoring applications, farmers can improve efficiency, reduce costs, and gain more control, for more sustainable farming.

Our Group monitoring applications include Group Consistency Report, Group Routine Report, and Heat Stress Report

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