Alligator Pro – Sheep Handling Systems

The Alligator Pro Sheep Handling System

Available in three sizes to accommodate different flock numbers and with a choice of two hurdle sizes the Alligator Pro Sheep handling series combines all the features of the original Alligator system with the capability to manage more sheep and undertake a range of sheep husbandry tasks.

  • Fully mobile trailed unit- take the kit to the sheep
  • Heavy duty winch operated lifting system for easier set up
  • New style gate for safe movement of sheep
  • Supplied with either a 10’ or 15’dosing race for easier and safer health management and marking.
  • Incorporates high quality components manufactured to automotive standard
  • T6 heat treated galvanized aluminium components and premium quality welds ensure strength and durability under the toughest conditions
  • 13”wheels provide great ground clearance and stability over rough terrain
  • Incorporate EiD and weighing equipment for an intelligent handling system

Watch a short video about Alligator Pro Sheep Handling System below:

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