Livestock Management

Livestock management equipment and supplies to make your farm more efficient and profitable.

Livestock handling and weighing systems allow for the improved welfare and health management of herds and flocks as well as better returns from livestock sales. Allflex offers a range of livestock management solutions including; Alligator Mobile Sheep Handling Systems, and Weighing Systems.

Alligator Pro Mobile Sheep Handling Systems

Alligator trailers make routine everyday jobs quicker to complete and minimises livestock movement. The flexible systems are helping sheep farmers to optimise the management of stock and value of labour – two of the farm’s greatest assets.

  • Available in 3 sizes. Flocks up to 250, 500 or 750
  • Electric or manual winch options
  • Choice of 10′ or 15′ dosing race

Electronic Reading and Weighing

Keeping an accurate record of stock weight can allow farmers to better understand and manage growth rate, identify underperforming animals, and most importantly, finish stock at the optimum time. Allflex supply a wide range of electronic reading and weighing equipment to suit varying farming needs.

Our range includes:

  • EiD Stick Readers
  • Weigh Heads
  • Indicators
  • Load Bars
  • Accessories