Livestock Identification

Allflex – a Global Leader in Animal Identification

We provide intelligent animal identification solutions for a wide range of animals including: cattle, sheep, swine, fish, goats, deer, alpacas, camels, horses, and domestic pets as well as zoo animals and a wide range of wildlife species.

Visual Identification

Allflex Livestock Intelligence visual identification solutions include a wide variety of tags, with numerous colors and print options, for identifying different species of farm, zoo, and wildlife animals. Our visual tags’ shape, weight and application process are designed for each target species, ensuring optimal application and retention results.

Electronic Identification

Allflex Livestock Intelligence electronic identification solutions, based on RFID, are designed for different species of farm, zoo, and wildlife animals, and domestic pets. Our solutions are matched to each species’ specific needs, ensuring optimal application, retention and read rate results. Matched sets of our RFID, visual tag, and/or tissue sampling products enable robust traceability.

Tissue Sampling Technology

Allflex Livestock Intelligence tissue sampling solutions include varied animal-friendly tags and units for easy, cost-effective taking of biopsies from animals’ ears of cattle, sheep, swine and other species. Information from the biopsies can reveal individual animals’ health status and provide predictive genomic insight that empowers intelligent decision-making.