RS420 Stick Reader

Allflex RS420 Stick Reader

  • Portable reader with cord-free capabilities
  • High Contrast LCD
  • Cable free Operation
  • Internal Bluetooth
  • Rechargeable 7.4 VDC Li-Ion Battery
  • 100,000 ID Tag Storage (10,000 per session)
  • Comes Standard with EID Tag Manager Software RS420 Stick Reader
  • 60cm – SKU: RS420-60
  • 45cm – SKU: RS420-45

RS420 Stick Reader “Pro Kit”

  • Rugged hard-sided plastic case
  • PW420 Replacement Battery Pack 7.4VDC
  • EID Tag Manager Software
  • Pro Kit available for both sizes: RS420-60-KIT & RS420-45-KIT

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