Multi Purpose Dosing Instruments

12.5ML, 30ML, 70ML Luer Tip Injector, 5.5″ Drencher Nozzle, Pour On Tip

  • 12.5ml, 30ml and 70ml sizes available
  • Automatic self-filling syringe
  • Easy set dial-a-dosage with easy view dosage window
  • 12.5EM-SDP adjustable dosage from .5ml to 12.5ml
  • 30EM-SDP adjustable dosage from .5ml to 30ml
  • 70EM-SDP adjustable dosage from 20ml to 70ml
  • Tips included for Injector, Drencher and Pour On applications
  • Replaceable front valve and spring with lock-in-place feature
  • Removable barrel for cleaning
  • Durable Plastic Design
  • Easy V-grip for high volume use
  • Amber Colored Barrel reduce UV sunlight exposure
  • SKU: 12.5EM-SDP (Adjustable dosage from .5ML to 12.5ML)
  • SKU: 30EM-SDP (Adjustable dosage from 5ML to 30ML)
  • SKU: 70EM-SDP (Adjustable dosage from 7.5ML to 70ML)