Power Genetics


Created in 1991, with the mission statement of “We begin with the end in mind,” Power Genetics has grown to a 250,000 head of cattle operation by evolving with the demand for higher-quality beef. 


Staying ahead of market demands for branded beef and marbling standards while adjusting to new packing procedures. 


Allflex visual and EID tags. 


With packers pushing for verified programs of age, source, and health auditing of cattle Allflex EID was a key component in marrying birthplace of origin and other data. Because the process was put in place, Power Genetics was able to fill a void in the market when Japan experienced a breakout of BSE (Mad Cow Disease). 

“Demand for high-quality beef has never been greater and EID allows our product to be able to be traced back to us because of the Allflex tag.”

Jason Anderson, Power Genetics