Bruning, Nebraska

Bruning Farms


Bruning Farms is a fifth generation cow/calf and small feedyard operation in Nebraska. The Bruning Farms motto is Breed Better Beef, and to uphold that mission Reiss Bruning utilizes strict management, the best technologies and progressive thinking to evolve and keep with the times and environments.


As the operation grew it was important to develop a reliable Artificial Insemination (AI) program to get cattle on a tight window for heat checks and for consistent calving seasons.


Allflex SenseHub Beef monitoring system, EID, and Visual ID tags.


Saw a 7-8% increase in conception rates with the SenseHub Beef monitoring technology compared to the previous year and was able to see cycles before transferring embryos. This automation allowed the crew to spread its attention to the whole herd and not just a single group.

“We got a 7-8% jump in conception rates from the previous year.”

Reiss Bruning, Owner, Bruning Farms