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Litchfield Dairy 'Kariana', Mayrung, NSW Australia

The Litchfield family's investment in technology from Allflex Livestock Intelligence is paying dividends within their southern NSW-based dairy farming operation.
Ian and Karen Litchfield purchased the 182-hectare Kariana in 2000, and over the years they've purchased three other blocks. Together with their daughter Amy and son-in-law Jack, the Litchfield's milk 800 Holstein cows each year, with their flat milk supply sold into the year-round milk markets.

"We researched other companies, but the ease of operating the Allflex program is what sold us on going with them. With large herds you can't see or know every cow but with Heatime Pro+ we can quickly and easily have information on hand about every cow to allow individual monitoring and decision making."

Karen Litchfield, Co-Owner


As herd numbers have grown the Litchfields are using fixed time AI programs every six weeks, and although they're getting good conception rates they were missing returns as the needling process was disruptive to the milking process for the cows and staff.


Allflex SenseHub® with cSense Flex neck tags.


By using Heatime Pro+, the Litchfield's have been able to reduce their days to milk by 30 days. They're also now more confident in using sexed semen through which they've been achieving good results.