Livestock management equipment and supplies to make your farming enterprise more efficient and profitable.

Allflex supply a wide range of handling, weighing, husbandry and veterinary equipment in to the UK market. Both through our extensive network of Trade Partners & Merchants, and direct to farmers through our Allflex UK & Fearing businesses.

Clipping & Shearing

Allflex in the UK are the exclusive distributors of Heiniger clipping and shearing equipment. Used by farmers, specialist shearers, Equine Olympians and World Shearing Record holders the Heiniger range is respected for the quality of its Swiss engineering and its reliability.
We are also very proud to stock a wide selection of Oster and Andis Professional Clipping, Shearing, Grooming and Veterinary products.

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Handling & Weighing

As farm labour has declined over recent years the need for stock handling systems has grown.
Handling and weighing systems allow for the improved welfare and health management of herds and flocks as well as better returns from stock sales.
Allflex offer a range of stock management solutions including; Alligator Mobile Sheep Handling Systems, Prattley Handling & Weighing Systems and Electronic Weighing & Reading Equipment.

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Health & Husbandry

Allflex provide a range of animal health and husbandry products under the Cox & Ritchey and Fearing brands to farmers and smallholders.
Used by farmers for the day to day routine health and husbandry management of their flocks and herds for example at mating, lambing and calving.

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