Thermochip (by Surepetcare)

  • Thermochip™ is a unique solution that allows monitoring the individual pet’s temperature within the range of 33°C and 43°C
  • Increased Acceptance with Sharp and lubricated needles –For an excellent cutaneous penetration
  • Ergonomic – For a more convenient during the microchipping
  • Safety – No return click systemAvoiding any premature microchip loss
  • Protection with Security ring –  Avoiding any premature microchip loss
  • International Committee of Animal Recording (ICAR) Approved
  • Parylene coating on glass casing A special polymer material that eliminates the chance of rejection and reduces movement of the microchip within the animal after implantation
  • Unique identification code Allflex maintains a continuously updated international database of all microchip codes to ensure each code is unique and traceable
  • Sterile and Customized packaging 
  • Size –  Identification microchip (2.12*13mm)

A product of Surepetcare, Designed in France