Global Ident Injectable Microchip

Designed for subcutaneous implantation in animals including companion animals, research animals, stray animals and wildlife species

  • Conforms to ISO standards Allflex microchips can be read by any scanner that is ISO compliant
  • Convenient size Easy to implant with the Allflex implanter or compatible 12 gauge needle system
  • Glass casing Ensures implantation with extremely low risk of contamination and infection
  • International Committee of Animal Recording (ICAR) Approved
  • Parylene coating on glass casing A special polymer material that eliminates the chance of rejection and reduces movement of the microchip within the animal after implantation
  • Unique identification code Allflex maintains a continuously updated international database of all microchip codes to ensure each code is unique and traceable
  • Laser sealed casing Reduces the risk of breakages during implantation and use
  • 15cm read distance Achieves faster and more convenient readings of microchips
  • Specially designed sharp needle Enables a quick and relatively painless implantation
  • Sterile packaging Ensures that each microchip can be implanted without the risk of exposing the animal to infection