What our clients say?
"Relying on data, rather than people for mating ensures staff can have proper breaks and a variation in work, without it having an impact on submission and conception rates. We are using it for individual cow health and I enjoy being able to treat a cow and monitor the response to treatment through the data, so for me, it’s about insight. We have really healthy cows firing on all cylinders. We use the Allflex monitoring system daily, and it is a key tool for what we do."
Ed Whiting, owner, Airport Farms Ltd
What's New
12th – 15th June 2018
We had a very busy few days on our site D22 this year.
12th-13th May 2018
The Allflex team had a fantastic couple of Days in Feilding supporting tomorrow’s future farmers at the FBNZ event.
7th February 2019
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