Smart Data Solutions

Unique tools, information and services

Our smart data services enable farmers, farm service companies, food producers, and regulatory bodies to work more efficiently, leveraging data from over 500 million tagged animals.

Allflex Livestock Intelligence provides the agricultural services and food production industries with unique tools, information and services based on data from the more than 500 million animals tagged every year with Allflex identification and monitoring products. Our smart data services leverage cross-farm data to enable farmers, farm service companies, food producers, veterinarian groups, genetics companies, food producers, and regulatory bodies to make better decisions and work more efficiently.

Data as a Service

As the global leader in animal identification, and the leading provider of livestock monitoring and tissue sampling, Allflex Livestock Intelligence has an unmatched rich resource of data on varied livestock species. With the data already proven to provide value at the individual farm level, our smart data services enable the farming, agricultural services and food manufacturing industries to leverage large sets of data released by farmers for meta-analysis, benchmarking, development of KPIs, and more.

Our smart data services offering includes professional data tools and targeted datasets for research and analysis.

Professional Tools

Allflex Livestock Intelligence offers a range of professional tools for viewing and working with multi-farm animal data. With the insights gained via our advanced tools, farm service companies such as veterinarian and nutritionist groups can support their customers better and more efficiently, while improving collaboration and performance within their own teams.