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Milking Automation

Advanced milking solutions that are highly reliable, accurate and require little maintenance

Allflex Livestock Intelligence milking automation technologies drive advanced milking solutions that are highly reliable, accurate and require little maintenance. Allflex-based solutions improve milking, save time, increase accuracy, and improve cow and worker wellbeing. Based on unique development started over 40 years ago and continually improved over the years, our milking automation technologies have become the leading standard in the market


Herd Intelligence 

Allflex Livestock Herd Intelligence solutions are advanced and scalable systems that enable intelligent utilization of the data provided by Allflex milking solutions and cow monitoring. Our software and hardware-based systems provide powerful management tools, including reports, graphs, analytics, task lists, and lifetime cow card history. 
Our solutions enable control and support of other components, such as sorting gates, individual feeding, in- parlor messaging board, and more. 


Milking Control systems 

Allflex Livestock Intelligence milking controllers provide best-in-class milking performance, with a unique combination of extensive, configurable options, robustness and ease of use. They display only the relevant information to the operator, enabling a quick and cow-friendly milking process. 
The system is modular and can be installed with or without animal identification and herd management software. 


Smart Pulsation solutions 

Allflex Livestock Intelligence smart pulsators and control valves deliver highly reliable operation. Incorporating over 40 years of extensive field research and numerous unique features, our Smart Pulsators are installed in tens of thousands of milking points around the world. 
The Allflex pulsators’ streamlined design makes them easy to install, monitor, and replace, even during milking. 




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