Heatime® Pro+

Boost herd-wide productivity with a powerful, real-time animal monitoring solution

Heatime® Pro+ is a powerful, yet easy to use, PC-based system for advanced monitoring of dairy cow herds. With its sophisticated monitoring capabilities, lifetime cow history tracking, and rich data analysis capabilities, it eliminates the guesswork and inconsistency of evaluating the reproductive, health, nutrition and wellbeing status of each and every cow.

It allows early and proactive action to alleviate the effects of incidents that prevent cows from achieving their genetic yield potential. With its intuitive interface, superb user experience, and mobile access support, all main day-to-day tasks, as well as advanced functions, can be easily accessed from  anywhere, at any time.

  • Boost herd-wide productivity with powerful, real-time animal status monitoring
  • Gain advanced cow monitoring capabilities for data-driven decision making
  • Get a flexible solution that adjusts as your needs change
  • Choose from ear or neck tags, with flexible application plans

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