Livestock Monitoring

The smart solution for New Zealand farmers

Allflex Livestock Intelligence monitoring solutions monitor millions of animals worldwide. Our solutions offer unmatched heat detection accuracy and deliver timely health, nutrition and reproduction insights. Using our monitoring solutions, farmers can increase efficiency, improve livestock wellbeing, maintain an optimal work-life balance and drive prosperity for their farms and families.

Dairy Cow Monitoring

Allflex Livestock Intelligence dairy cow monitoring solutions deliver unmatched heat detection accuracy and real-time reproduction and health monitoring. Detect sub-clinical health issues quickly with 24/7 monitoring and use data to improve overall work-life balance. Our dairy cow monitoring technology is used daily to watch over millions of cows, with installations at tens of thousands of farms worldwide.

Beef Monitoring

Allflex Livestock Intelligence beef monitoring solutions introduce an innovative management approach to the beef cow-calf operations. Providing actionable information on the reproduction, health, and wellbeing status of individual cows and groups, our solutions enable beef producers to make data-driven decisions for maximized productivity and efficiency, and improved beef herd breeding.