Universal Applicator

Allflex Universal Applicator has stood the test of time as a reliable and built-tough product for the application of Allflex tags. The Universal Applicator is used to apply two piece visual tags, electronic cattle tags and two-piece electronic sheep and goat tags.

Features and Benefits

  • Produced from specialised materials for durability.
  • Grip designed to ease hand fatigue from repeated use.
  • Light, handheld applicator.
  • Deep jaw makes tag placement easier.
  • Quick and simple application.
  • One applicator to suit several purposes resulting in reduced equipment costs.
  • Replacement applicator pin located in the handle.
  • Spare applicator pin and jaw insert available.


The Allflex Universal Applicator has an insert which allows it to be a multi-purpose device. The insert must be in the applicator to apply visual and electronic button sheep tags. To apply NAIT EID tags remove the black, plastic insert.