Tissue Sample Unit

Are you looking for a quick and easy DNA sampling method that is reliable, easy to transport, user-friendly and efficient to process at the lab?

Allflex Tissue Sampling Units (TSU) provide all of this and much more. These units take an ear punch which can replace tail hair, blood, semen or other sample types used for DNA, Pestivirus or other serology testing. TSU’s can be used on cattle, sheep, pigs, deer, alpacas, camels, fish and more.

Fast, high performance sample collection. Samples can be collected in seconds with minimal animal restraint. A single-squeeze motion collects a sample with minimum distress to the animal.

Clean, uncontaminated sampling. The genetic material is sealed in a specially designed preservative.

Minimise retesting. Tissue samples contain a large quantity of high quality DNA for genetic analysis, yielding excellent lab results.

Sample integrity. The TSU is fully sealed and positively identified with both a 2D barcode and ID panel. The TSU are available in a pre printed box of 10 or can be paired to matching NAIT and Management tags, creating an absolute sample-to-animal linkage.

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