SenseHub™ Beef

Flexible, high-performance Beef Cow monitoring that meets your needs today and long into the future The SenseHub Beef monitoring solution brings a new management approach to the beef cattle sector. A smart, modular cow monitoring solution, SenseHub Beef delivers actionable information on the reproduction, health, and well-being status of individual cows and groups. With SenseHub Beef, farmers can make data-driven decisions for maximised productivity and improve beef herd breeding decision-making capabilities.

Advance your reproduction strategies with accurate heat and pregnancy insight

  • Fast return on investment, with a shorter calving interval
  • Unmatched heat detection accuracy that enables precise insemination timing, to optimise conception rates
  • Reduce hormone usage and labour costs
  • Detect cows that aborted
  • Early-stage detection of anestrous cows
  • Increase the value of calves, with a shortened calving season
  • Reduce the need for bulls on your farm
  • Optimize health treatments, interventions, and overall cow well being

Early detection of health issues, enabling preemptive action Fast insight into the effectiveness of veterinary treatment Online alerts of urgent distress cases Recovery monitoring after calving Monitoring the mother after calf separation Improve group and nutrition management Group Routine and Heat Stress monitoring Group consistency – get insight on how feeding changes are affecting your cows Improve your quality of life with remote management and peace of mind!