Protrack® Feed

Target each animal’s feed with their correct recipe and correct portion by using Protrack Feed. 

Protrack Feed allows you to maximise the production potential of your herd as well as minimise feed wastage. 

It can be easily retro-fitted into any current automatic feed system.  

How Protrack Feed will benefit your farm  

Protrack Feed enables you to have overall control over the amount of feed each animal is given by feeding cows on an individual basis. 

This means that: 

  • Production targets can be easily achieved  
  • You can improve productivity and health while at the same time reducing the environmental impact 
  • If you add Protrack Milk, you can also optimise feed efficiency by feeding the top producers more. 
  • The addition of Protrack BCS helps to achieve condition targets. 

How it works  

  • Protrack ID identifies the animal once the animal is in the bail for milking 
  • Protrack Feed* checks the recipe for the identified animal and sends a message to the feed head to drop the required amount  
  • *Protrack Feed requires Protrack ID and is only suitable for Rotary application at present. 

Download Protrack Feed Product guide 


Maximise the production potential of your herd 

Optimise feed efficiency today.