Intelligent Pulsation

A quick and cow-friendly milking process.

Refining over 35 years of in-depth field research, we’ve developed a suite of pulsators that are reliable and simple to install.  Allflex Intelligent Pulsators and control valves require no special tools or expertise, leaving you with more time to get down to what really matters. 

No membranes, no small pieces. Having two moving parts allows for on-the-fly assembly and replacements. Intelligent Pulsators simply connect to the vacuum line with a stall cock with seamless, easy and fuss free installation that works, regardless of your setup. 

The built in vacuum monitoring gage system keeps an eye on pulsations, letting you know at a quick glance as soon as there’s any sign of a problem, so you can stay on top of things. 

Look after your cows and simplify your operation. The pulsators have gentle and accurate cluster removal which reduces teat irritation and a controlled pulsation to shorten milking time. 

  • Retro fit to your current shed setup
  • Modular 
  • Low maintenance 
  • Seamless integration with Allflex Monitoring Solutions
  • Simple, efficient and reliable mechanical design 
  • Easy installation and replacement – even during milking 
  • Indicates real-time issues
  • Variety of pulsators and customisation options to suit your herringbone or rotary shed configuration

Download the Intelligent Pulsators Product brochure