FlexiMatic Applicator

The Allflex FlexiMatic Applicator is a multi-shot rapid-fire applicator that can apply 25 Flexitags before reloading is required. It has a strong outer casing and stainless-steel internal springs and screws. If you prefer a manual tagger, use the Allflex Flexitagger single-shot applicator.

The FlexiMatic Applicator is used to apply Allflex Flexitags in many different situations including marking cradle and race.

Features and Benefits

  • Produced from specialised material for durability.
  • Light, handheld applicator.
  • Grip designed to ease hand fatigue from repeated use.
  • Ideal for high volume situations.


The FlexiMatic Applicator should be thoroughly washed regularly with water and left to drain and dry thoroughly.