Monitoring solutions that grow with your business. Brought to you by the leader in identification, this is an absolute game changer for New Zealand farmers

Allflex Livestock Intelligence monitoring solutions monitor millions of animals worldwide. Providing unmatched heat detection accuracy, health alerts for all aspects of cow well-being and rumination monitoring for all New Zealand farming systems, Allflex monitoring solutions is unrivalled in its field.

Dairy Cow Monitoring

Allflex Livestock Intelligence dairy cow monitoring solutions deliver actionable insight, based on unmatched heat detection and real-time reproduction and health monitoring. Increase early submission rates for more days in milk, or use the system to facilitate a move to full artificial insemination. With scalable software applications and the option of either an eSense ear tag or cSense neck collar.

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Beef Monitoring

Allflex Livestock Intelligence beef monitoring solutions introduce an innovative management approach to the beef cow-calf operations. Providing actionable information on the reproduction, health, and wellbeing status of individual cows and groups, our solutions enable beef producers to make data-driven decisions for maximized productivity and efficiency, and improved beef herd breeding.

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