Kids space

Welcome to the Allflex kids space

We will update this over the coming weeks with fun activities for children.

Download the below pictures for the kids to colour in and then send them to us through facebook messenger @allflexnz and we will post them to our page!

Word Find now available to download – can you find all the words?

As always, we love to see pictures from our farmers across the country.

Please send us any pictures/videos of you using Allflex products or you with animals with Allflex tags or collars, whilst staying safe out there on the farm.

Easter colouring competition!

A fun activity over the Easter break. Send us your coloured in pictures by 15th April 2020 and go into the draw to win a 1KG family pack of chocolate chunk rookie cookies from Cookie Time.

Simply send your picture via messenger to @allflexnz.

Download this file here: allflex_easter

Note: Cookies will be ordered by Allflex as soon as the winner has provided their postal address, but will be delivered by CookieTime when normal business delivery resumes. 

Can you find all the words in the Allflex Word Find?

Download this file here: Wordfind

Ali the Allflex cow. Her monitoring collar helps her farmer know she is happy and healthy at all times. Her tags help her farmer know that she is Ali and not Nelly!

Download this file here: allflex_cow

Dolly and Holly the Allflex sheep. Dolly and Holly are friends, not sisters, so they have a different set of parents. Today they are wearing different woollen jumpers, but that’s not always the case. Their RapID ear tag helps the farmer know which one is Dolly and which one is Holly.

Download this file here: allflex_sheep

Gerald the Allflex goat. Gerald is a naughty little goat. He eats anything in sight. Mrs Farmer catches him eating her pants but Gerald tries to blame it on Billy instead. His Allflex tags help Mrs Farmer find Gerald easily and lock him back in his paddock.

Download this file here: allflex_goat