Accurate heat detection equals less empties for 650 cow dairy farm


Location: Isla Bank
Herd Size: Approx. 650 Dairy Cows
Farm Size: 480ha
Herd Breakdown: 650 Holstein Friesians


Increase the efficiency of Identifying cows on heat.
Improve conception rates and retain cows wherever possible.
Achieve a better work-life balance without placing more pressure on their team or having a negative effect on their production.


Improved breeding window accuracy.
Ability to tighten up the calving pattern.
Valuable health information for cows suffering from mastitis.
Removal of tail paint, scratches and bulls from the operation.
Reduced empty rates.
Lifestyle – manage mating plan remotely.
Improved sexed semen conception rates.

“We were able to proactively manage non-cycling cows because we had real-time, accurate information,”

Owen Copinga, Southland


Cathy and Owen run spilt-calving, on their Southland dairy farm. Their 650 Holstein Fresians allow them to supply Fonterra year-round. However, it also means they are calving for a total of 20 weeks a year and traditionally spent a lot on heat detection aids – such as tail paint or scratch off patches.