Get A Grip on the UTT3S Tag Applicator

Requires much less force to squeeze. When applying ear tags, anyone – from young to old, expert to novice – can safely tag animal after animal with less fatigue

The UTT3S is a completely
re-engineered applicator from Allflex for modern tagging systems and farm labor today


The UTT3S ergonomic
grip requires low force,
resulting in less hand
fatigue and easier
application of multiple


Lightweight and robust
with one pin for nearly
all applications, including
Allflex two-piece tags,
electronic tags and
monitoring tags.


Designed with reduced
pinch points for the user,
the UTT3S is also quick
and quiet, reducing animal
startle reflex

Innovative Design

  • Enables faster and quieter application for maximum animal comfort
  • A simple pin change enables efficient switching between device
  • types to help you maintain workflow on the farm
  • A spare pin is conveniently located in the handle of the applicator,
  • ensuring a pin is easily accessible when needed

Supported Tags

  • Allflex two-piece visual identification tags (VID)
  • Allflex two-piece electronic identification tags (EID)
  • Allflex monitoring ear tag