Livestock Monitoring

Millions of animals monitored worldwide

Intelligent Livestock Monitoring Solutions

Monitoring millions of cows worldwide, our data-driven solutions are trusted by successful farmers to deliver the insights and analytics needed to optimize the productivity of every cow. Improving efficiency and driving growth, we help to ensure a secure and prosperous future for their farms and families.

Our pioneering solutions enable smarter, more sustainable dairy farming through leadership in Cow Monitoring, Milking Automation Technologies and Herd Management.

Our innovations are guided by the following principles:-

  • Expertise: Deep industry experience, with a focus on productivity enhancement.
  • Commitment: Focus on efficient tools that answer farmers’ most pressing challenges.
  • Practicality: Grounded approach, ensuring ease of use and actionable information.
  • Agility: Scalable and modular systems designed to adapt as farms grow in size.

 Cow Monitoring

Our advanced cow monitoring systems collect and analyze critical data points. Allflex systems deliver actionable data on every individual cow and groups - delivering the heat, health, nutrition and well-being insights farmers need, when they need them. Data is collected real-time from either a collar or ear mounted sensor from anywhere on the farm.

Allflex smart farms  Allflex smart farms

The data provided by the Cow Monitoring and Milking Automation Technologies provides farmers with scalable management systems that enables intelligent actionable information, for efficient and profitable herd management. This unique set of tools links with third party programs to enable an integrated solution. 

Our herd management software  Our herd management software

Milking Automation Technologies

Our milking Automation Technology Solutions are utilized by top vendors and integrators worldwide. Led by best-in-class milk measurement technologies, it works seamlessly with our Monitoring Solutions. It simplifies and streamlines the milking process to save time, improve accuracy and drive overall efficiency.

Allflex milking platformAllflex milking platform  

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