Livestock Identification

The importance of keeping tabs on your farm

Intelligent Livestock Identification Solutions

We provide intelligent animal identification solutions for a wide range of animals including: cattle, sheep, swine, fish, goats , deer, alpacas, camels, horses, and domestic pets as well as zoo animals and a wide range of wildlife species.

Each year, over half a billion animals are identified using Allflex products.  Animal Identification has evolved over decades but our heritage and market-leading design, service and manufacturing processes make us the global leader in this field. 

Identification is the basis for gathering and managing livestock information. Animal owners globally use our Visual Tags, Tissue Sampling Tags & Collectors, Radio Frequency Tags (RFID), combined with our Applicators and RFID Readers to participate in product branding programs; to comply with regulatory traceability and biosecurity programs, and or, to gather information that enables objective management and health decisions to be made, for improved productivity within their farming enterprises and supply chains.


Visual Identification

Visual identification tags are produced in a wide variety of specialised tag designs, colours and print options to meet the needs for identifying many different species.  Allflex visual tags are specifically designed to ensure the shape, weight and application process are matched to specific target species.  This ensures the best possible application and retention results.  

Flexibility of printed information based on the need for individual management, group or regulatory needs is provided by sophisticated  laser technology pioneered by Allflex. Offering great durability and flexibility on what can be printed, such as specific shapes, logos, brands, barcodes, names and numbers, overlaying the laser print with ink enhances readability by offering a jet black print contrast unique to Allflex. 


Electronic Identification

Allflex is the world leader in Radio Frequency Electronic Identification (RFID) applications in animals, which like our Visual identification products, are specifically designed and matched to the species and needs ensuring the best possible application, retention and read rate results. Allflex also specialises in providing matched sets of RFID, Visual tag and or Tissue Sampling products with secure common numbering ensuring stronger traceability systems.

Based on proven ISO 11784 / 785 standards, RFID technology offers automation and 100% accuracy of data capture at the speed of commerce. Linked to farm management programs, the speed and accuracy of decision-making is greatly enhanced over paper-based systems improving farm productivity and process compliance. Movement recording for traceability programs is faster, more accurate and lower cost than with visual based systems for the farmer and all movement points in the traceability chain, which explains the regulatory drive worldwide towards RFID based solutions.

Allflex offers a broad range of species and system adapted RFID reading solutions that are critical to a successful management and traceability solution. With a wide portfolio of hand held readers for individual animal reading linked directly to third party farm management software systems, to the most accurate read rate and robust industrial readers for high volume reading on farm, at sale yards or abattoirs, Allflex has a proven solution coupled with an extensive class leading field force to provide technical service. Learn more about RFID readers at Aleis.

RFID in its implantable microchip form offers solutions for fish, and companion animals where Antelliq companies Biomark and Sure Petcare offer world-class specific solutions.


Tissue Sampling

Allflex Tissue Sampling Tags (TST) and Tissue Sampling Units  (TSU) take a biopsy of the ear as part of a routine management task. Lab analysis of the sample indicates the disease status of the cow and or can be used for genomic prediction, allowing the farmer to make intelligent management decisions. Many governments around the world are making the eradication of diseases (such as BVD) a priority and are testing their national herd using Allflex tissue sampling products to help control this disease.

The TST is a system whereby a biopsy is taken and a tag is applied during the tagging process, whilst the TSU system gathers the biopsy alone and is widely used for genomic testing.  In both cases, they are individually numbered using a 2D code that allows the Tissue Sample to be linked seamlessly to other identifiers, such as visual identification numbers and or RFID numbers and are uniquely designed to facilitate automated processing within the laboratories adding speed, lowering cost and improving accuracy.