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Centreview, Simpson, VIC Australia

Centreview was originally founded as a dairy farm in the early 1960s, and purchased by Craig and Tracey Thorburn in 1998. They started out with 140 cows and have since grown the herd to 400 milking cows, plus around 270 heifers, mostly by natural growth.

“The Allflex Heatime System has certainly made our lives easier workwise. We don’t have to be so particular about picking up cows in heat because the machine will pick it up for us.”

Craig Thorburn, Co-owner


As the farm grew, Craig and his wife were finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with the grueling schedule of checking cows for heat, recording heats, and keeping track of the data.


Allflex SenseHub™ with eSense Flex Ear tags.


Craig relies on the Heatime System to provide crucial information on his cows’ heat status and to give insight into their overall condition. According to Craig, a lot of the heat detection guesswork has also been eliminated.