"I start every day by checking the report sent to me automatically by the Allflex Heatime® Pro System. With this protocol, I know which cows should be bred today, and which cows I should pay more attention to today."

Du HongJiang, Farm Breeding Executive


Reduce breeding costs, promptly diagnose health problems, and optimize nutrition programs. Improve milking efficiency, standardize milking teams’ work, reduce teat-end hyperkeratosis and mastitis


• Allflex Heatime® Pro System with HRLDn tags for real-time heat detection and health monitoring
• Allflex DataFlow II System for real-time herd management system
• ED200 milking points for an optimized milking workflow


The 21-day pregnancy rate increased to 31%. in summer, the 21 -day pregnant risk is 5-6% higher than the same period last year. Nutrition has been optimized for different herds, and diseases are identified 0.5-3.7 days before clinical symptoms are diagnosed

heat detection rate increased

to 73%

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